Corporate Workshops

Our instructors can come to your workplace, conference or party venue.Bring your team together for an interactive team building activity to celebrate a special occasion or promote team cohesion.Imagine your whole team having fun dancing SALSA, SALSA CASINO, HIP HOP, OR JAZZ!

Or maybe you’re the active types and prefer to sweat it out with ZUMBA, URBHANIZE, RETRO FITNESS OR LATIN FUNK?!


How will a Dance class help your work place?

  • Bringing all staff together in a friendly and fun environment
    • Staff can get to know each other outside the pressures of work
    • Improve social skills and confidence amongst staff in your workplace
    • Better communication between staff as a result of new friendships
    • Great for fitness and coordination.

What do we do in the Latin Dance Class?

  • A Salsa dance demonstration
    • One hour of action, packed with fun filled dance class
    • One Free Class Pass for each of your employee’s so they can come and visits us in the future.

If you’re a fan of dance, music, passion and all things Latin, you need to experience our corporate classes!


Corporate Entertainment

Create a one of kind affair to remember for your guests.  Share something new, exciting and never seen before with a performance from our highly talented LADC dance artists. If you’re celebrating a new product launch, or planning a holiday party celebration, we can add that extra touch with our talented, entertaining, beautiful dancers.

We offer performances and interactive Dance workshops.

Corporate / Team Building Workshops

If you are looking for ways to build better team relationships and foster collaboration in the workplace, why not try one of our Dance team building workshops? Team building workshops enable a creative environment for colleagues to work together, create a more positive work environment and help develop dancing talents you never knew you had! We begin with a warm up and group exercises, then teach choreography as a group or in teams, work on formations together and finally give the group(s) a chance to perform. A session can last between for 1.5 to 2 hours and we work closely with each client to customize a Team Building program to meet objectives, team development goals, and desired level of physical activity.